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Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

This game is one of my favorite games, in Steam it is the second most played game of mine, behind Fallout 4, with 295 hours played (400+ for Fallout 4, and 275 for Skyrim, which is 3rd)

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Huge Flaw Found in Intel Processors; Patch Could Hit 5-30% CPU Performance


The first week of the new year has not yet been completed, and very soon a massive vulnerability is going to hit hundreds of millions of Windows, Linux, and Mac users worldwide.

According to a blog post published yesterday, the core team of Linux kernel development has prepared a critical kernel update without releasing much information about the vulnerability.

Multiple researchers on Twitter confirmed that Intel processors (x86-64) have a severe hardware-level issue that could allow attackers to access protected kernel memory, which primarily includes information like passwords, login keys, and files cached from disk.


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